U - Abbreviations list
uncle | unit | upper
internal energy | kosher certification | potential difference | united | universal | university | unsatisfactory | uranium
United Arab Emirates
underwater-to-air missile
universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter
universal block channel
unsolicited bulk e-mail
uniform business rate
Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
Union of Construction, Allied Trades, and Technicians
United Church of Christ
Universities Central Council on Admissions
unsolicited commercial e-mail
University College London
University of California at Los Angeles
Ulster Defence Association
unilateral declaration of independence
Union of Democratic Mineworkers
Ulster Defence Regiment
Union of European Football Associations
unidentified flying object
University Grants Committee
ultrahigh frequency
user interface
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
uncommitted logic array
ultimate | ultimo
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
United Nations
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations electronic data interchange for administration, commerce, and transport (or trade)
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
United Nations High Commission for Refugees
United Nations Children’s Fund
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
a trade union for public service employees, the largest trade union in the United Kingdom
United Nations Organization
United Nations Protection Force
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
United Nations Relief and Works Agency
United Nations Special Fund for Economic Development
Uttar Pradesh
Universal Product Code
United Press International
uninterruptable power supply
unplasticized polyvinyl chloride
United Reformed Church
Uniform (formerly Universal) Resource Locator
urological | urology
United States
United States (of America)
ubi supra | ut supra
United States of America
United States Air Force
a trademark for a US government agency that provides humanitarian aid and assistance for development to other countries
universal synchronous asynchronous receiver/transmitter
USA Standard Code for Information Interchange
universal serial bus
Union of Shop, Distributive, and Allied Workers
United States Geological Survey
underwater-to-surface missile | unlisted securities market
United States Navy
United Service Organizations
unique selling proposition (or point) | United States Pharmacopeia
universal synchronous receiver/transmitter
United States Senate | United States Ship
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
ultrashort wave
Universal Time | Utah
Universal Time Coordinated
 ut dict.
as directed
urinary tract infection
unshielded twisted pair (cable)
Ulster Unionist | Unitarian Universalist
UNIX-to-UNIX copy
ultraviolet (radiation)
ultraviolet A
ultraviolet B
Ulster Volunteer Force
ultraviolet radiation
underwriter | underwritten
University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology
unexploded bomb

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