R - Abbreviations list
radius | railway | rouble | rare | recto | right | river | road | rod | run(s) | rupee
gas constant | rabbi | radical | radius | railway | rand | range | Réaumur scale | rector | Regina | Republican | resistance | response | restricted | Rex | right | river | road | roentgen | rook | rouble | royal | rupee
Rear Admiral | right ascension | Royal Academician | Royal Artillery
Royal Academy of Arts
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal Armoured Corps | Royal Automobile Club
radiator | radical | radio | radius | radix
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Rear Admiral
Royal Army Educational Corps
Royal Air Force
Royal Australian Flying Doctor Service
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) disks
random-access memory | relative atomic mass | rocket-assisted motor | Royal Academy of Music
Royal Army Medical Corps
random-access memory digital-to-analogue converter
request for authority to negotiate | Royal Australian Navy
 R & B
rhythm and blues
 R & D
research and development
 R & R
rest and recreation (or relaxation or recuperation)
Royal Army Ordnance Corps
risk-adjusted return (on capital)
Royal Agricultural Society | Royal Astronomical Society
rocket-assisted takeoff
Royal Army Veterinary Corps
Reserve Bank of Australia
red blood cell
relative biological effectiveness
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
read between the lines
reinforced concrete
Red Cross | Reserve Corps | Roman Catholic
Royal College of Art
Royal College of General Practitioners
Royal College of Music
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Royal Canadian Navy | Royal College of Nursing
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Royal College of Physicians
regional check processing center
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal College of Science | Royal College of Surgeons | Royal Corps of Signals
randomized controlled trial | Royal Corps of Transport
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
rendered | road | rod | round
refer to drawer | Rural Delivery
recommended daily allowance | Regional Development Agency
relational database management system
radio direction finder | refuse-derived fuel
regional development grant
rostered day off
refer to drawer please represent
radio data system | respiratory distress syndrome
resource depletion zone
Reynold’s number | rhenium | rupee
Reformed Episcopal | Religious Education | Right Excellent | Royal Engineers
receipt | received | recipe | recommended | recorded | recorder | recording | recreation
reciprocal | reciprocity
 rec. sec.
recording secretary
Rector | Rectory
redeemable | reduced | reduction
rare-earth element
reference | refining | reformed | refunding
 Ref. Ch.
Reformed Church
reflection | reflective | reflex | reflexive
region | registered | registrar | registry | regular | regularly | regulation | regulator
Regent | Regina | Regulo
 Reg. Prof.
Regius Professor
Regent | Regiment
real-estate investment trust
relating | relative | relatively | released | religion | religious
roentgen equivalent (in) man
rapid eye movement | remark
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
repair | report | reported | reporter | reprint
Representative | Republic | Republican
representative | represented | representing | reprint
receipt | report
Republic | Republican
request | require | required | requirement | requisition
renewable energy source | renewable energy system | reticuloendothelial system | Royal Entomological Society
research | reservation | reserved | reservoir | residence | resident | resigned | resolution
respective | respectively | respiration | respondent
retain | retired | return | returned
retained | retired | returned
revenue | reverse | review | revised | revision | revolution | revolver | revolving
 Rev. Ver.
Revised Version
rufiyaa | rutherfordium
radio frequency | reconnaissance fighter | regular forces | releasing factor | representative fraction | République Française | Reserve Force | retention factor | right fielder | Royal Fusiliers | Rwanda franc
radio frequency | rapid fire | reception fair | rough finish
request for comment | Royal Flying Corps | Rugby Football Club
radio-frequency device | reporting for duty
restriction fragment length polymorphism
right guard
red, green, blue
Registered General Nurse
Royal Geographical Society
relative humidity | right hand
redox potential
rhesus | rhesus factor | rhodium
relative humidity | right hand | Royal Highness
Regional Health Authority | Royal Horse Artillery
right-hand drive
Royal Horse Guards
rated horsepower
Royal Horticultural Society
King and Emperor | Queen and Empress | religious instruction | Rhode Island | Royal Institution
radioimmunoassay | Royal Irish Academy
rigid inflatable boat
Royal Institute of British Architects
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
recognized investment exchange
reduction in force
resource interchange file format
raster image processor | rest in peace | routing information protocol
reduced-instruction-set computer
ritardando | ritenuto
road junction
religious knowledge
real life | Rugby League
rocket-launched grenade
ream | room
Registered Midwife | Royal Mail | Royal Marines
Royal Marine Artillery | Royal Military Academy
roadside mail box
roadside mail delivery
remove directory
relative molecular mass
Registered Mental Nurse
root mean square
Royal Mail Service | Royal Mail Ship
National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers
Registered Nurse | right now | Royal Navy
ribonucleic acid
Royal Naval Air Service | Royal Naval Air Station
Royal National Institute for the Blind
Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Registered Nurse for the Mentally Handicapped
Royal Naval Reserve
Royal Naval Volunteer Force
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Royal New Zealand Navy
recto | Romania
return on assets
run of book
Royal Observer Corps
return on capital employed
return on equity
region of interest | return on investment
read-only memory
roman (type)
Roman | Romance | Romania | Romanian | Romans
run of network
return on net assets
run of paper / press
roll-on roll-off
return on sales | run of site | run of station
rolling stock operating company
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
rolling on the floor laughing
right on the money
Republic of Uruguay
run of week
Received Pronunciation | Regius Professor | Republic of the Philippines | role-play
recognized professional body
remote procedure call | Restrictive Practices Court
report program generator | rocket-propelled grenade | role-playing game
retail price index
a measure of the underlying rate of inflation, that is the retail price index not taking into account mortgage payments
a measure of the core rate of inflation, that is the retail price index not taking into account indirect taxes and council tax
revolutions per minute
resale (or retail) price maintenance
reverse Polish notation
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
revolutions per second
Royal Photographic Society
repeat | report
remotely piloted vehicle
respiratory quotient
railroad | recovery room | relative risk | Right Reverend
ribosomal RNA
recommended retail price
recording secretary | right side | Royal Society
regional selective assistance | Republic of South Africa | Returned Services Association | Royal Scottish Academician | Royal Scottish Academy | Royal Society of Arts | a public-key cryptography system used to provide high-level security
Royal Shakespeare Company | Royal Society of Chemistry
Registered Sick Children’s Nurse
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
repetitive strain injury
rolled steel joist
Returned Services League | Royal Society of Literature
Regimental Sergeant Major | Republic of San Marino | Royal Society of Medicine
Royal Society for Nature Conservation
retail service provider
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
respiratory syncytial virus | Revised Standard Version
répondez s’il vous plaît
radio telegraph | radio telegraphy | radiotelephone | radiotelephony | real time | right tackle | temperature | round trip
real-time data system
Radio Telefis Éireann | real-time execution
rich text format
read the fucking manual
real-time gross settlement
 Rt Hon.
Right Honourable
read the manual
Registered Theatre Nurse
real-time transport protocol
 Rt Rev.
Right Reverend
rate of technical substitution | request to send
read the source code
Republic of Burundi | are you | Rugby Union
Royal Ulster Constabulary
random variable
re-entry vehicle | recreational vehicle | Revised Version
Right Worshipful | Right Worthy
rear-wheel drive
read your screen

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