P - Abbreviations list
page | part | participle | past | pence | penny | per | piano | pico- | pint | pipe | population | purl
parity | park | Pastor | pataca | pawn | peseta | peso | peta- | phosphorus | played | power | President | pressure | Priest | Prince | pula
peer-to-peer | person-to-person
pascal | protactinium
particular average | Pennsylvania | personal account | personal appearance | personal assistant | physician’s assistant | Post Adjutant | power of attorney | press agent | Press Association | prosecuting attorney | public-address (system)
per annum
power of attorney
para-aminobenzoic acid
private automatic branch exchange
Police and Criminal Evidence Act
prescribing analyses and cost
packet assembler/disassembler
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
phase alternation line
Partido Acción Nacional | peroxyacetyl nitrate | primary account number
 p & h
postage and handling
 P & L
profit and loss
 p & p
postage and packing
Public Access Network Sound Engine
prime assets ratio
paragraph | parallel | parenthesis | parish
Parliament | parliamentary
Programme Appliqué à la Sélection et la Compilation Automatique de la Littérature
patent | patented
 Pat. Off.
Patent Office
 pat. pend.
patent pending
Pan American Union
private automatic exchange
personal best | petabyte | power brakes | prayer book
polybrominated biphenyl
payment by results
private branch exchange
Parish Council | Parish Councillor | Past Commander | personal computer | Police Constable | politically correct | Post Commander | Prince Consort | printed circuit | Privy Council | Privy Councillor | program counter | Progressive Conservative
after meals | per cent | petty cash | petty cash
petty cash | photocopy
petty cash book | polychlorinated biphenyl | printed circuit board
Professional Conduct Committee
Personal Computer Disk Operating System
primary care group
peripheral component interconnect
printer control language
per calendar month
pulse code modulation
personal computer memory card interface adapter | Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
polycystic ovary disease
polycystic ovary (or ovarian) syndrome
phencyclidine | Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia | Progressive Conservative Party
polymerase chain reaction
personal communications services
primary care trust
a personal computer that can receive, decode and display standard television images
peripheral control unit
passenger-carrying vehicle
physical distribution | police department | postal district | public domain
per diem | potential difference
price-dividend (ratio)
personal digital assistant | public display of affection
portable document format
page description language | program design language
public data network
pretty damn quick
price-dividend ratio
People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
Pacific Daylight Time
physical education | potential energy | Present Era | Prince Edward Island | probable error | Protestant Episcopal
printer’s error
positive end-expiratory pressure
peak expiratory flow rate
Prince Edward Island
picture element
International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists
Personal Equity Plan
price-earnings ratio
perfect | perforated | performance
pupils equal, react to light and accommodation
 per pro
per procurationem
programme evaluation and review technique
percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration
Public Expenditure Survey Committee
polyethylene terephthalate | positron emission tomography
French Polynesia
preferred | perfect | pfennig
pressurized fluidized-bed combustion
personal flotation device | preferred
Private Finance Initiative
Papua New Guinea
parental guidance | paying guest | postgraduate
Professional Golfers’ Association
payment gateway certificate authority
Postgraduate Certificate of Education
page down (key)
postgraduate education allowance
Pretty Good Privacy
page up (key)
potential of hydrogen
phenyl group
public health
pharmaceutical | pharmacist | pharmacy
Bachelor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
permanent health insurance
programmers’ hierarchical interactive graphics standard
philological | philology | philosopher | philosophical | philosophy
Philharmonic | Philippians | Philippines
Philippine Islands
Public Health Service
performance indicator | private investigator
peripheral interface adapter | Personal Investment Authority
permanent interest-bearing share
Paris Interbank Offered Rate
permanent interest-bearing shares
picture | product of incomplete combustion
a multi-user, multitasking operating system that runs on mainframe, mini or personal computers
platform for Internet content selection
pelvic inflammatory disease | personal identification device | prolapsed intervertebral disc
primary immune deficiency syndrome
pregnancy-induced hypertension
programmed inquiry, learning, or teaching
personal information manager
personal identification number
parallel input/output
proximal interphalangeal
parallel input/parallel output
person inheriting parents’ property
parallel input/serial output
period of incapacity for work
pack | Pakistan | park | peak | peck
polycystic kidney disease
public key infrastructure
plural | Poland
public law
Port of London Authority | programmable logic array
Packet Language for Active Networks
public limited company
product life cycle
programmable logic device
Palestine Liberation Organization
Parliamentary Labour Party
Public Lending Right
portable life-support system
phase modulation | postmortem | premium | St-Pierre and Miquelon
particulate matter | Past Master | postmaster | postmortem | Prime Minister | private message | Provost Marshal
post meridiem
progressive muscular atrophy
petites et moyennes entreprises
Paymaster General | Postmaster General | Provost Marshal General
polymyalgia rheumatica
premenstrual syndrome
premenstrual tension
predetermined motion-time system
Pitcairn Island
promissory note
perceived noise decibel
perceived noise level
peripheral nervous system
Petty Officer | Pilot Officer | post office | postal order | purchase order
by mouth
Prison Officers’ Association
 PO Box
Post Office Box
pay on delivery
port of embarkation | port of entry
poetic | poetical | poetry
 POETS day
push (or piss) off early, tomorrow’s Saturday
Post Office Engineers Union
petroleum, oil, and lubricants | problem-oriented language
political | politics
phase of (the) moon | prescription-only medicine
persistent organic pollutant | point of presence | point of purchase | Post Office Preferred | progestogen-only pill
popular | population
point-of-purchase advertising
point of sale
person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters
point-of-sale terminal | power-on self-test
Postal Services Commission
President of the United States
point of view
prisoner of war
pages | past participle | per procurationem | pianissimo | privately printed
parcel post | parish priest | past president | postpaid | prepaid | prepositional phrase
after a meal
parts per billion
Planning Programming Budgeting System
purified protein derivative
postpartum haemorrhage
parts per hundred million
parts per million
personal pension plan | petty pet peeve | point-to-point protocol | polluter-pays principle | public-private partnership purchasing-power parity
parts per thousand million
peripheral processing unit
pay-per-view | positive pressure ventilation
pair | Puerto Rico
proportional representation | public relations | Puerto Rico
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
People’s Republic of China
preface | prefatory | preference | preferred | prefix
post-registration education and practice
preparation | preparatory | preposition
present | presidential
as required
professional practice
Public Record Office | public relations officer
Professional Office System
program | programme | progress | progressive
programming logic
programmable read-only memory
pronominal | pronoun | pronounced | pronunciation
proper | properly | property | proposition | proprietor
prosecuting attorney
Protectorate | Protestant
province | provincial | provisional
Provençal | Proverbs | Provost
performance-related pay | profit-related pay
petroleum revenue tax
passenger steamer | Permanent Secretary | phrase structure | Police Sergeant | postscript | private secretary | prompt side
prostate specific antigen | Public Service Association
public-sector borrowing requirement
public-sector debt repayment
personal and social education
pounds per square foot
public-sector financial deficit
personal, social, and health education
pounds per square inch
pounds per square inch, absolute
pounds per square inch, differential
pounds per square inch, gauge
private sector liquidity
packet switched network
public-sector net cash requirement
Police Service of Northern Ireland
packet switching service | packet switching system
Pacific Standard Time | provincial sales tax
public switched telephone network
power supply unit
public service vehicle
processor status word
psychological | psychology
psychological | psychologist | psychology
part | patient | payment | pint | point | port | Portugal
platinum | Point | Port
Pacific Time | physical therapy | physical training | postal telegraph
part-time | past tense | pro tem(pore)
Parent-Teacher Association | Passenger Transport Authority
powers that be
private limited company | Private
Passenger Transport Executive
parathyroid hormone
public telephone network
Patent and Trademark Office | please turn over
paper tape reader
parts | payments | points | ports
post-traumatic stress disorder
pay television
proprietary company
public house
public | publication | published | publisher | publishing
publication | published | publisher
preuniversity college
photovoltaic | present value
polyvinyl acetate
polyvinyl chloride
persistent vegetative state | postviral syndrome
Palau | Policewoman
per week
person with Aids
personal watercraft
pressurized-water reactor
Pedro Ximénez | Post Exchange
preceding year basis
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