O - Abbreviations list
ocean | octavo | old | order | out | over(s) | pint
ocean | octavo | October | old | order | out | over | over(s) | oxygen
office automation | osteoarthritis
on or about
on approved credit
Medal of the Order of Australia
 O & M
organization and method
old-age pensioner
Organization of American States
on an unrelated subject
obstetric | obstetrician | obstetrics | outside broadcast
he or she died | oboe | obstetric | obstetrician | obstetrics
Other Backward Classes
Officer of the (Order of the) British Empire
open buying on the Internet
object | objection | objective
or best offer
obscure | observation | observatory | obsolete | obstetrics
off-balance-sheet financing
obstetric | obstetrics
oh, by the way
Officer Commanding | oral contraceptive | organic carbon | original cover
in the work or works cited
African and Malagasy Common Organization
occident | occupation
a computer programming language used in large multiprocessor or multi-user systems
occasional | occasionally
obsessive-compulsive disorder
open collaboration environment
operating cash flow
official cash rate | optical character reader | optical character recognition
Officer Candidate School
Doctor of Optometry | Officer of the Day | olive drab | ordnance datum | overdose | overdraft | overdrawn
on demand | outside diameter | right eye
overdraft | overdrawn
operating department assistant
ozone-depleting potential
Old English
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
open-ended investment company
original equipment manufacturer
Office of Economic Opportunity
Office of Communications
off exchange
office | officer | official
Office of Electricity Regulation
Office of Gas Supply
Order of Minor Friars
Office for Standards in Education
Office of Fair Trading
Office of Telecommunications
Office of Water Services
Officer of the Guard | original gum
original gum | own goal
 O grade
Ordinary grade
occupational health | Ohio
Old High German
On Her (or His) Majesty’s Service
overhead projector
off-highway vehicle | overhead valve
operating income
oh, I see
offers in the region of
orange juice
on-the-job training
all right | Oklahoma
object linking and embedding
 O level
Ordinary level
ordinary least squares
Order of Merit
Office of Management and Budget
London Securities and Derivatives Exchange
one member one vote
optical mark reader | optical mark recognition
Old Norse | Ontario
Office of Naval Intelligence
or near(est) offer
Office for National Statistics
on order
officer of the deck
object-oriented graphics
object-oriented programming
out of the blue | out of the box
observation post | Order of Preachers | organophosphate | out of print | outpatient
opera | operation | opposite | optical | opus
offre publique d’achat
Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality
 op art
optical art
Occupational Pensions Board
 op. cit.
in the work or works quoted
Controlled Appellation of Origin
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
ophthalmologist | ophthalmology
ophthalmologist | ophthalmology
other people’s money
oriented polypropylene
 op shop
opportunity shop
optimized production technology
optative | optical | optician | optics | optimum | optional
own recognizance | Official Receiver | operating room | operations (or operational) research | Oregon | other ranks | owner’s risk
object request broker
orchestra | orchestrated by
order | ordinal | ordinance | ordinary | ordnance
noncommercial organization
organic | organization | organized
origin | original | originally
ornithological | ornithology
optical read-only memory
oral rehydration therapy
orthopaedic | orthopaedics
off-road vehicle
left eye | old series | Old Style | operating system | Ordinary Seaman | Ordnance Survey | out of stock | outsize | outstanding
old series | out of stock | outstanding
out of stock
obstructive sleep apnoea | Order of Saint Augustine
Order of Saint Benedict
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Order of Saint Dominic
Open Software Foundation | Order of Saint Francis
open systems interconnection
open shortest path first
Order of Saint Ursula
occupational therapist | occupational therapy | Old Testament | overtime
Officers’ Training Corps | over-the-counter
on-target earnings
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
out to lunch
one time only
on the other hand
open trading protocol
Officers’ Training School | opportunities to see
over the top
Open University
or words to that effect
of (the University of) Oxford
Australia | ounce

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