N - Abbreviations list
amount of substance | en dash | nano- | net | neuter | neutron | nominative | noon | note | noun | number | refractive index
Avogadro’s number | en dash | knight | naira | neutral | New | newton | nitrogen | Norse | north | northern | November
North America
not applicable | not available
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Navy, Army, and Air Force Institutes
National Advisory Council
National Association of Colliery Overmen, Deputies, and Shotfirers
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide
NAD hydrogen
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate
NADP hydrogen
North American Free Trade Agreement
National Association of Headteachers
nonaccidental injury
nonaccelerating inflation rate of unemployment
negative acknowledgment
National Association of Local Government Officers
 N Am.
North America | North American
not and
National Audit Office
National Association of Prison Officers
naval air station
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Association of Securities Dealers
in the United States, an electronic communications system that links all over-the-counter securities dealers to form a single market
National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers
national | native | natural
National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
National Society of Operative Printers, Graphical and Media Personnel
net asset value
naval | navigable | navigation
navigation satellite
no ball
New Brunswick | nota bene
National Basketball Association | Net Book Agreement
National Broadcasting Company | nuclear, biological, and chemical (weapons or warfare)
natural binary coded decimal
no big deal
north by east
National Bureau of Economic Research
nonbank financial institution
no bloody good
National Book League
nothing better to do
net book value
north by west
New Caledonia
National Certificate | National Curriculum | network computer | no charge | North Carolina | numerical control
no charge
national central bank
National Consumer Council | National Curriculum Council | Nature Conservancy Council
noncommissioned officer
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
National Childbirth Trust
National Communications Union
National Credit Union Administration
National Diploma | no date | North Dakota
nondisclosure agreement | nondisparagement agreement
near-death experience
nondeposit investment product
net domestic product
non-departmental public body
Newfoundland Daylight Time
Nursing Development Unit
Nebraska | New England | northeast | northeastern
National Education Association
National Enterprise Board | New English Bible
northeast by east
northeast by north
National Executive Committee | National Exhibition Centre (Birmingham)
National Economic Development Council
need not
noise exposure forecast
 nem. con.
without opposition
near-earth object
New Partnership for Africa’s Development
Natural Environment Research Council
networking organization
Network Basic Input Output System
neurological | neurology
nonexplosive warfare
 New Eng.
New England
Norfolk Island
National Front | neurofibromatosis | Newfoundland | no funds | Norman French
National Foundation for Educational Research
National Football League
National Fire Service | network file service | network file system | not for sale
National Film Theatre | Newfoundland Time
National Farmers’ Union
National Federation of Women’s Institutes
Nigeria | no good
nongovernmental organization
New Hampshire
National Health Insurance
National Health Service
National Insurance | North Island | Northern Ireland
National Insurance contribution(s) | network interface card | newly industrialized country
nickel-cadmium (battery)
near-instantaneous companded audio multiplex
National Institute for Clinical Excellence
National Institute of the Dramatic Arts
New International Economic Order
National Institute of Economic and Social Research
note issuance facility
Nigeria | Nigerian
not invented here
National Institute for Higher Education
Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
not in my back yard
nickel metal hydride (battery)
National Industrial Relations Court
 N Ire.
Northern Ireland
Nuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive
New Jersey
Netherlands | new line
New Latin
National Liberation Front
natural language processing | neurolinguistic programming
near letter quality
nanometre | nautical mile | nuclear magneton
nautical mile | New Mexico
Nursing and Midwifery Council
nonmaskable interrupt
nuclear magnetic resonance
noise and number index
net national product
National Nature Reserve
network news transfer protocol
north | northern | number
not out
National Occupational Health and Safety Commission
Nation of Islam
 nol. pros.
nolle prosequi
National Opinion Polls
no person operated train
not or
Norman | North | Norway | Norwegian
Norway | Norwegian
network operating system
not otherwise specified
National Organization for Women
nitrogen oxides
none of your business
Nepal | new paragraph
neper | neptunium
National Party | neuropsychiatry | new paragraph | notary public | noun phrase
Newspaper Publishers’ Association
new product development
nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (in fertilizers)
National Physical Laboratory | noise pollution level
nonprotein nitrogen
net primary productivity
no par value | net present value
National Parks and Wildlife Service
no questions asked
Nauru | near
National Rifle Association | National Rivers Authority
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
National Research and Development Corporation
neonatal respiratory distress syndrome
nonrapid eye movement
nonresident Indian
National Roads and Motorists Association
no reply necessary
National Radiological Protection Board
net realizable value
nonresident withholding tax
nonreturn to zero
New Style | not sufficient (funds) | Nova Scotia | nuclear ship
nearside | new series | not specified
not sufficient (funds)
nonsmoker | nonsmoking
National Security Agency | National Society of Accountants | nitrate-sensitive area
nonsteroid(al) anti-inflammatory drug
 NS & I
National Savings and Investments
National Savings Bank
National Safety Council | National Savings Certificate | National Security Council
not sufficient funds
nonstatutory guidelines
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
nonspecific urethritis
New South Wales
National Trust | New Testament | no trump | Nome Time | Northern Territory | Northwest Territories
net tangible assets
nontariff barrier
not that it matters
nevertheless | nonetheless
network time protocol | normal temperature and pressure
National Television Systems Committee
not to worry | no time-wasters
 nt wt
net weight
National Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers
National Union of Civil and Public Servants
nuclear detection system
National Union of Journalists
National Union of Mineworkers
number | numeral
National Union of Public Employees
National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers
National Union of Seamen | National Union of Students
National Union of Teachers
Nevada | nonvintage | nonvoting
no value
national vegetation classification
new variant CJD
National Vocational Qualification
nitrate-vulnerable zone
northwest | northwestern
northwest by north
northwest by west
Northwest Territories
net weight
New York (State)
New York City
New York Cotton Exchange
New York Futures Exchange
relating to a transatlantic lifestyle divided between New York and London, as lived by successful business executives
New York Mercantile Exchange
National Youth Orchestra
not yet published
New York Stock Exchange
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation
 N Zeal.
New Zealand
New Zealand Medical Association
New Zealand Rugby Football Union
New Zealand Stock Exchange

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