I - Abbreviations list
incisor | interest | intransitive | island | isle | the imaginary number √-1
electric current | Imperial | (single column) inch | incumbent | independence | Independent | Inspector | Institute | instructor | intelligence | International | interpreter | iodine | ionization potential | Island | Isle | isospin | issue | moment of inertia | a particular affirmative categorical statement | unit matrix
indoleacetic acid | International Advertising Association
International Amateur Athletic Federation
Industrial Advisory Board | Industrial Arbitration Board | Internet Activities Board
in any case
in any event
International Atomic Energy Agency
Indian Air Force
Institute of Administrative Management | Institute of Advanced Motorists | intermediate-access memory | internal auditory meatus
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Internet access provider
instruction address register
International Agency for Research on Cancer
image analysis system | immediate-access store | Indian Administrative Service | indicated air speed | instalment activity statement
International Accounting Standards Committee
International Air Transport Association
International Association of Universities | International Astronomical Union
in accordance with
in bond | incendiary bomb | industrial business | International Baccalaureate | investment bank | invoice book
Independent Broadcasting Authority | indolebutyric acid | International Bar Association | Investment Bankers’ Association
inflammatory bowel disease | ion-beam deposition
International Boxing Federation
interblock gap
institutional buyout
Inter Bank Rate
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
irritable bowel syndrome
integrated circuit
in charge | in command
Institute of Chartered Accountants | Institute of Contemporary Arts | International Coffee Agreement | International Commodity Agreement | International Cooperation Administration
Independent Commission Against Corruption
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand
International Civil Aviation Organization
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
intercontinental ballistic missile
International Chamber of Commerce | International Criminal Court | Interstate Commerce Commission
International Commodities Clearing House
ice, compress, elevation | Institution of Civil Engineers | internal-combustion engine | International Cultural Exchange
Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
Institution of Chemical Engineers
International Court of Justice
Institute of Credit Management | Intergovernmental Committee for Migrations | International Confederation of Midwives
infection control nurse | International Council of Nurses
intracranial pressure
a computer program that makes contact with a user who is chatting online
Institute for Cancer Research | intelligent character recognition
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Commission on Radiological Protection
instalment credit selling | Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers | International Chamber of Shipping | investors’ compensation scheme
interstitial-cell-stimulating hormone
intracytoplasmic sperm injection
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
information and communications technologies
intensive care unit
I had | I would or I should
Idaho | identification | infectious disease(s) | inner diameter | inside diameter | internal diameter | intradermal
Infocomm Development Authority | International Development Association
Industrial Development Bank
industrial development certificate
insulin-dependent diabetes | international direct dialling
integrated drive electronics
I don’t know | internal derangement of the knee
integrated data processing | iodine diphosphate
International Depository Receipt
I don’t think so
I’ll drink to that
that is
Institution of Electrical Engineers
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Internet experiment note
Internet Engineering Steering Group
Internet Engineering Task Force
intermediate frequency
independent financial adviser | Institute of Financial Accountants
International Finance Corporation
Implementation Force
instrument flying regulations
immunoglobulin A
immunoglobulin D
immunoglobulin E
immunoglobulin G
immunoglobulin M
International Grandmaster
ignites | ignition | unknown
interior gateway protocol
Indicazione Geografica Tipica
interrupt handler
ischaemic heart disease
indicated horsepower
inheritance tax
independent identically distributed
integrated injection logic
I’m not mistaken
I remember (or recall) correctly
I just want to know
I just want to say
intelligent knowledge-based system
I know what you mean
index-linked gilt
I will or I shall
illustrated | illustration | illustrator
illustrated | illustration | illustrator
internal labour market
International Labour Organization
instrument landing system | ionization-loss spectroscopy
Isle of Man
I am
International Master | instant messaging | intramuscular
I might add | Interactive Multimedia Association | International MIDI Association | Investment Management Agreement | Investment Management Association
Institute of Marine Engineers
Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization
in my experience
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
International Monetary Fund
in my humble opinion
Institution of Mining Engineers
imitation | imitative
International Mercantile Marine | International Monetary Market
insured money market account
immunity | immunization | immunology
in my opinion | International Meteorological Organization | International Miners’ Organization
imperial | interface message processor | International Match Point
imperative | imperfect | imperial | impersonal | import | important | imported | importer | imprimatur
Emperor | Empress
imperfect | imperforate
Investment Management Regulatory Organization
intensity modulated radiation therapy
Indian Medical Service | information management systems | Institute of Management Services
Institut Nationale des Appellations d’Origine
included | including | inclusive | income | incomplete | incorporated | increase
including | inclusive
increase | increased | increasing | increment
in God’s name
independence | independent | index | indicative | indirect | industrial | industry
Independent | India | Indian | Indies
indicating | indicative | indicator
Instituto Nacional de Denominaciones de Origen
industrial | industry
intermediate-range nuclear forces
inflammable | inflorescence | influence | influenced
injection | injury
Irish National Liberation Army
international nonproprietary name
isn’t it
in no particular order
Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews
inscription | inspector | insulation | insurance
Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires
in-service education and training
inspected | inspector
instant | instantaneous | institute | institution | institutional
Institute | Institution
instruction | instructor | instrument | instrumental
international organization
intelligence | intercept | interest | interim | interior | interjection | intermediate | internal | international | interpreter | intersection | interval | interview | intransitive
International Telecommunication Satellite Organization
intensifier | intensify | intensive
International Criminal Police Organization
interrogate | interrogation | interrogative
introduction | introductory
introduction | introductory
Indian National Trade Union Congress
invariable | invented | invention | inventor | invoice
British Indian Ocean Territory
International Olympic Committee
Institute of Directors
intraocular lens
Isle of Man
input/output processor
input/output request
International Organization of Securities Commissions
a written acknowledgment of a debt between the writer and somebody else
intraoperative ultrasound
in other words
image processing | information provider | Internet protocol
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising | International Phonetic Alphabet
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
International Petroleum Exchange
initial program load | initial program loader
integrated pest management | Institute of Personnel Management
initial public offering
intermittent positive pressure ventilation
Indicação de Proveniencia Regulamentada | intellectual property rights
inches per second
integrated project support environment
intelligence quotient
index register | information retrieval | infrared (radiation) | infrared (radiation) | Inland Revenue | instruction register
Ireland | Irish
Individual Retirement Account | Irish Republican Army
intermediate-range ballistic missile
Internet relay chat
Industrial Relations Court of Australia
Inland Revenue Department
infant respiratory distress syndrome
in real life
Inland Revenue Office | International Refugee Organization | International Relief Organization
interrupt request
internal rate of return
Internal Revenue Service
Internet research steering group
Internet research task force
income support | information services
island | isle
Isaiah | Island | Isle
individual savings account | Industry Standard Architecture | International Standard Atmosphere
indexed sequential access method
International Standard Book Number
intermittent self-catheterization | Insurance and Superannuation Commission
international subscriber dialling
International Swaps and Derivatives Association
Integrated Services Digital Network
International Stock Exchange
International Standard Industrial Classification
intermediate system to intermediate system
island | isle
International Securities Market Association
is not
Imperial Service Order | International Organization for Standardization
Internet service provider
information storage and retrieval
I said so | injury scoring system | International Space Station
International Standard Serial Number
if (you) see what I mean
income tax | information technology
Independent Television Authority | Initial Teaching Alphabet
italic | italics
Italian | Italy
Independent Television Commission
intertropical convergence zone
it had | it would
it will
in the money
in the real world
it has | it is
invitation to send
intensive therapy unit | International Telecommunication Union
Independent Television
international unit
intrauterine contraceptive device
International Union for the Conservation of Nature
intrauterine device
intrauterine system
intravenous | intravenously
I have
in vitro fertilization
intravenous pyelogram
interactive voice response
intravenous urography.
International Whaling Commission
I wish I knew
I want you to know
Industrial Workers of the World
if you know what I mean
if you say so

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