H - Abbreviations list
harbour | hard | hardness | hecto- | height | high | hit | horizontal | horn | hospital | hot | hour | hundred | husband | Planck’s constant
enthalpy | harbour | hard | hardness | Hamiltonian function | height | henry | high | hydrogen
how to
health authority
Haiti | Haitian | Hawaiian
had not
hospital acquired infection
have a nice day
 h & c
hot and cold (water)
has not
hepatitis A virus
have not
health action zone
hazardous material
hard black | hurry back
Her Britannic Majesty | His Britannic Majesty
hepatitis B virus
House of Commons
highest common factor
human chorionic gonadotrophin
Health and Community Health Services
host controller interface | human-computer interaction
hydrochloric acid
hydrocyanic acid
hand | head
half duplex | hard disk | hard drive | heavy-duty | high-density
hard disk drive
high-density lipoprotein
high-level data link control
high-bit-rate (or high-data-rate) digital subscriber line
high definition television
half duplex
Her Excellency | His Eminence | His Excellency
Hebrew | Hebrews
Hebrew | Hebrews
Higher Education Contribution Scheme
he had | he would
he shall | he will
heraldic | heraldry
he has | he is
Helsinki Stock Exchange
hexagon | hexagonal
high frequency
Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority
hierarchical filing system
haemoglobin | hectogram
Her Grace | His Grace
human growth hormone
hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase
heavy goods vehicle
double hard | Her Highness | Her Honour | His Highness | His Holiness | His Honour
Hawaii | hearing-impaired
Haemophilus influenzae type B
Her Imperial Highness | His Imperial Highness
Her Imperial Majesty | His Imperial Majesty
Hindi | Hindu | Hindustan | Hindustani
Health Information Service
histology | historic | historical | history
human immunodeficiency virus
Hong Kong
House of Keys | hugs and kisses
House of Lords
human leucocyte (or lymphocyte) antigen
high-level data link control
high-level language
hue, lightness, saturation
hectometre | Heard & McDonald Islands
headmaster | headmistress | heavy metal | Her Majesty | His Majesty
high memory area
Her Majesty’s Australian Ship | His Majesty’s Australian Ship
Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise | His Majesty’s Customs and Excise
Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship | His Majesty’s Canadian Ship
Her Majesty’s Forces | His Majesty’s Forces
Her Majesty’s Government | His Majesty’s Government
Her Majesty’s Inspector (of Schools) | His Majesty’s Inspector (of Schools) | human-machine interface
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution | His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution
Health Maintenance Organization | house in multiple occupation
Her Majesty’s Service | Her Majesty’s Ship | His Majesty’s Service | His Majesty’s Ship
Her Majesty’s Stationery Office | His Majesty’s Stationery Office
Her Majesty’s Treasury | His Majesty’s Treasury
Higher National Certificate
Higher National Diploma
hold on a second
hall of fame | head of form
honorary | honourable
Honorary | Honourable
 Hon. Sec.
Honorary Secretary
house of quality
horizon | horizontal | horology
horological | horology
horticultural | horticulture
high-occupancy vehicle
hardy perennial | high pressure | hire purchase | home page | horsepower | Houses of Parliament
Hewlett Packard graphics language
Hewlett Packard interface bus
Hewlett Packard printer control language
human papilloma virus
Croatia | hour
Home Rule | House of Representatives | human resources
health risk assessment
Holy Roman Emperor | Holy Roman Empire
Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission
Her Royal Highness | His Royal Highness
human resource information system
human resources management
human resource planning
hormone replacement therapy
high school | Home Secretary
hue, saturation, brightness
Higher School Certificate | Higher School Certificate
Health and Safety Executive
Her Serene Highness | His Serene Highness
hue, saturation, intensity
Human Sciences Research Council
harmonized sales tax | high-speed train | Hubble Space Telescope | hypersonic transport
hue, saturation, value
Haiti | heat | height
half-time | high tension | high tide
happy to help | hope this helps
human T-cell lymphotropic virus
human T-cell lymphotropic virus I
human T-cell lymphotropic virus II
HyperText Markup Language
HyperText Transfer Protocol
head-up display
human intelligence
Hungarian | Hungary
households using television
high velocity
health visitor | high velocity | high voltage
heating, ventilation (or ventilating), and air conditioning
hardware | hazardous waste | high water | hit wicket | hot water
hit wicket
high-water mark
heavy water reactor
hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography
hypotenuse | hypothesis | hypothetical
hypothesis | hypothetical
high-yielding variety

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