F - Abbreviations list
femto- | f-number | focal length | forte | frequency | function | guilder | folio | following
Fahrenheit | false | farad | faraday | fathom | fax (number) | February | Fellow | female | feminine | fine | force | foul | franc | Friday
free to talk
field artillery | financial adviser | fine art | Football Association | freight agent
Fleet Air Arm
flavoured alcoholic beverage
fast access memory
familiar | family
Food and Agriculture Organization (of the United Nations)
for the attention of
familial adenomatous polyposis
free alongside quay | frequently asked question(s)
frequently asked questions
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
Federal Accounting Standards | foetal alcohol syndrome | free alongside ship
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Financial Asset Securitisation Investment Trust
Fully Automated Screen Trading and Electronic Registration
a development that allows data to be transferred at a higher rate than with the original SCSI specification
file allocation table
Fellow of the British Academy
fluidizedbed combustion
Federal Bureau of Investigation
fast-breeder reactor
fibre-concrete | Football Club | Forestry Commission
ACCOUNTING Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (in England and Wales) | full cost accounting
file control block
Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Finance Corporation for Industry
Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute
futures commission merchant
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Financial and Central Services Department
Fidei Defensor | financial director | floppy disk | free delivery | full duplex
free delivery
Food and Drug Administration
floppy disk controller
floppy disk drive
fibre distributed data interface
foreign direct investment
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
an MS-DOS system utility that configures the partitions on a hard disk
frequency division multiplexing
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
full duplex
further education
he or she made it
field emission display
federal | federated | federation
Federal | Federated | Federation
Federation of Unions of South Africa
female | feminine
Federal Emergency Management Agency
front-end processor
Family Expenditure Survey
functional endoscopic sinus surgery
field-effect transistor
forced expiratory volume
flip-flop | form feed
folios | following (lines or pages)
flue gas desulphurization
fire hydrant
Federal Housing Finance Board
Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Federal Home Loan Bank System
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
friction horsepower
Family Health Services Authority
Frankfurt Interbank Offered Rate
Financial Institutions Duty
 Fid. Def.
Fidei Defensor
World Chess Federation
Foreign Investment Funds (Tax)
Fédération Internationale de Football Association
first in, first out
figurative | figure
functional independence measure
Financial Intermediaries, Managers, and Brokers Regulatory Association
finance | financial | finish
Finland | Finnish
for information only
for information only
Foreign Investment Review Board
Faroese krona
Flight Lieutenant | Florida
floor | florin | floruit | flute | guilder
Flanders | Flemish
Finance and Leasing Association
floating-point operation
floating-point operations per second
 fl oz
fluid ounce
Front de Libération du Québec
Flight Lieutenant
 Flt Lt
Flight Lieutenant
 Flt Sgt
Flight Sergeant
fathom | frequency modulation | (Federated States of) Micronesia
field manual | figure of merit | frequency modulation | (Federated States of) Micronesia
Fund Managers’ Association
fast-moving consumer goods
false memory syndrome | flexible manufacturing system | flight management system
Federal National Mortgage Association
Far North Queensland
Faroe Islands
finance officer | Foreign Office
free on board
father of the chapel
Friends of the Earth
fill or kill
Federation of Labour
free on rail
foreign | forestry
foreign exchange
formula translation
fourth-generation language
four-wheel drive
Futures and Options Exchange
Financial Planning Association of Australia
feet per second | foot-pound-second | frames per second
first person shooter | frames per second
floating-point unit
Father | francium
family room
fragment | from
franc | France | Frau | French | Friar | Friday
folio recto
Federal Reserve Bank | Federal Reserve Board
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
frequency | frequentative | frequently
Federal Republic of Germany
floating rate note
fusible read-only memory
Fellow of the Royal Society
Financial Reporting Standards Board
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries | Financial Services Authority | Food Standards Agency
free-standing additional voluntary contribution
Federation of Small Businesses
follicle-stimulating hormone | full service history
free-standing insert
foot | fort
Financial Times
Federal Trade Commission
file transfer protocol
Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index
future | futures
folio verso
four-wheel drive | front-wheel drive
what it’s worth
France, Metropolitan
(special) effects | foreign exchange
financial year
for your information
farmyard manure
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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