E - Abbreviations list
electron | electronic | engineer | engineering
Earl | earth | east | eastern | electric field strength | electromotive force | e-mail (address) | energy | English | exa- | internal energy | a negative categorical proposition
Environment Agency
European Accounting Association
East African Community
enterprise application integration
 E & O
errors and omissions
 E & OE
errors and omissions excepted
 e. & o.e.
errors and omissions excepted
European Article Numbering – Uniform Code Council
employee assistance programme
electrically alterable, programmable read-only memory
electrically alterable read-only memory
European Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
employment appeal tribunal
Euro Banking Association
extended binary coded decimal interchange code
earnings before interest and taxes
earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
east by north
extended BNF
electron beam recording
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
east by south
Epstein-Barr virus
European Commission | European Community
European Central Bank
echocardiograph | electrocardiogram | electrocardiograph
Export Credits Guarantee Department
emitter-coupled logic
European Computer Manufacturers Association
electronic commerce modelling language
ecological | ecology
 E. coli
Escherichia coli
economics | economist | economy
Economic Community of West African States
European Commercial Paper
European Communications Satellite
European Coal and Steel Community
electroconvulsive therapy
European Currency Unit
edited | edition | editor | education
error detection and correction
Economic Development Board
electronic data capture | European Defence Community
expected date of delivery
electronic data interchange
electronic data interchange for administration, commerce, and transport (or trade)
edited | edition | editor
edit line
European Direct Marketing Association
electronic data processing
Eastern Daylight Time | electronic depository transfer
ethylene diamine tetra-acetate
US educational organization
education | educational
Early English | electrical engineer | electrical engineering
European Economic Area
European Economic Community
end entity certificate authority
echoencephalograph | electroencephalogram | electroencephalograph
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
energy efficiency ratio
electrically erasable read-only memory
essential fatty acid
English as a foreign language
electronic forms routing and approval
electronic funds transfer
European Free Trade Association
electronic funds transfer at a point of sale
electronic funds transfer system
for example
enhanced graphics adapter
extraordinary general meeting
Western Sahara
Environmental Health Officer
Electronics Industry Association | environmental impact assessment | exercise-induced asthma
European Investment Bank
economic injury level
Ethical Investment Research Service
Enterprise Investment Scheme | environmental impact statement | environmental impact study | executive information system
extended industry standard architecture
European Launch Development Organization
electric | electrical | electricity
English as a Lingua Franca | extremely low frequency
electronic intelligence
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
English language teaching
electromagnetic | electron microscope | end of medium
antiendomysial antibody
Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
electromotive force
electromotive force | European Monetary Fund
electromyogram | electromyograph
efficient markets hypothesis
European Monetary Institute
Emperor | Empire | Empress
electronics manufacturing services | emergency medical services | environmental management system | European Monetary System
emergency medical technician
electromagnetic unit | European Monetary Union
endangered (species) | English Nature | enrolled nurse
enrolled nurse (general)
enrolled nurse (mental)
enrolled nurse (mental handicap)
enclosed | enclosure
enclosed | enclosure
European Nuclear Energy Agency
electronic newsgathering
engine | engineer | engineering
England | English
engraved | engraver | engraving
enlarged | enlisted
English National Opera
Entertainments National Service Association
El Niño Southern Oscillation
ear, nose, and throat
 E number
a code by which a given additive is identified on food labels, consisting of the letter E followed by a number. Contrary to popular belief, E numbers can denote natural substances
end of address
end of block
Equal Opportunities Commission
end of data
end of file
end of job
end of line
end of message
end of the month
economic order quantity
end of record
end of text | end of transmission
en passant
eicosapentaenoic acid | Environmental Protection Agency
Economic Planning and Advisory Committee
Episcopal | Episcopalian | Epistle
electroplated nickel silver
electronic point of sale
erasable-programmable read-only memory
earnings per share
encapsulated PostScript
encapsulated PostScript file
educational quotient
equal | equation | equivalent
Eduardus Rex | Elizabetha Regina | emergency room | endoplasmic reticulum
Education Reform Act | Equal Rights Amendment
endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
European Regional Development Fund
emerging and re-emerging infectious disease
Exchange Rate Mechanism
electronic random number indicating equipment
electrically alterable read-only memory
equity risk premium
evacuation of retained products of conception
expected rate of return
Eastern States
environmentally sensitive area | European Space Agency
escape (key)
European System of Central Banks
enhanced small device interface
European Social Fund
end system to intermediate system
English as a second language
English for speakers of other languages
employee share ownership plan
electrostatic precipitator | eligible service period | English for special purposes | extrasensory perception
electron spin resonance | erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Economic and Social Research Council
end-stage renal disease
Eastern Standard Time
electrostatic unit
estimated time of arrival | Euzkadi ta Askatsuna
et cetera
estimated time of departure
electronic transfer of funds
Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department
eligible termination payment
end of text
etymological | etymology
etymological | etymology
European Union
Europe | European
European Interbank Offered Rate
electron volt
economic value added | extravehicular activity
evangelical | evangelist
evangelical | evangelist
enlisted woman
Educational Welfare Officer
exchange | exchequer
exclamation | exclusive
exclusive NOR
exclusive OR
experiment | experimental | expired | expires | exponential function | export | exported | express
extension | exterior | external | extract
enterprise zone

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