common abbreviations
AA meaning
Alcoholics Anonymous
battery size (51 mm length & 14 mm diameter)
All Ages (film censor certificate)

SMS/chat/texting abbreviations
AA stands for
Adios Amigo (goodbye, friend)
As above
Asian American

medical abbreviations
AA definition
the same amount each (Greek word 'Ana' means 'for each')
Abdominal Aorta
Anal Aneurysm
Anxiety Attack

science abbreviations
AA meaning
Amino Acid
Atomic Absorption
Acetic Acid
Anti Aliasing

title abbreviations
AA stands for
Associate Administrator
Assistant Administrator
Administrative Assistant

organization abbreviations
AA definition
Automobile Association
Athletic Association
Action Aid

government abbreviations
AA meaning
As Amended
Appropriate Assessment
Affirmative Action
Authorized Absence

military abbreviations
AA stands for
Active Army
Auto Assault
Attack Assessment

sports abbreviations
AA meaning
All American
Anaheim Angels
All Around

other abbreviations
Associate in Arts (education acronyms)
Alcoa, Inc. (NYSE stock symbol)
Academy Award (entertainment acronyms)
Appointing Authority (miliraty acronyms)
Average Attendance(sports acronyms)
Automatic Answer(technology acronyms)
Auto Aperture (photography acronyms)
Anal Aneurysm (medical abbreviations)
Appropriate Action (government acronyms)
Acrylic Acid (science acronyms)
Adjustment Assistance (business acronyms)
Abbreviated Analysis (military acronyms)
Accountable Area (science abbreviations)
Accounting Authority (technology acronyms)
Acetic Anhydride (science abbreviations)
Activation Analysis (science acronyms)
Arithmetic Average (mathematics acronyms)
Associate in Accounting (education acronyms)
Automated Attendant (technology acronyms)
Air To Air (military abbreviations)
Activation Analysis (science acronyms)
Air ambulance (miliraty abbreviations)
Adverse Action (government acronyms)
Assembly Area (government acronyms)
Ann Arbor (location abbreviations)
Air Assault (military abbreviations)
Alopecia Areata (medical abbreviations)
Addicts Anonymous (organization acronym)
Arachidonic Acid (science abbreviations)
Angle of Attack (military abbreviations)
Access Authorization (technology acronyms)
Active Adjunct (military abbreviations)
Administrative Authority (military acronyms)
Advices of Allowance (business acronyms)
Application Activity (technology acronyms)
Arrival Angle (military abbreviations)
Audit Agent (business abbreviations)
Avenue of Approach (military acronyms)

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