D - Abbreviations list
dam | date | daughter | day | deci- | degree | departs | depth | deuteron | diameter | died | dollar | drachma | penny (or pence) | relative density
did | had | should | would
December | Department | Deus | deuterium | diameter | dinar | dioptre | Director | dispersion | Dominus | Don | drag | drive | Duchess | Duke
duck’s arse | deed of arrangement | delayed action | deposit account | desk accessory | digital-to-analogue | district attorney
days after acceptance | delivery on acceptance | deposit account | digital-to-analogue | documents against acceptance
digital-to-analogue converter
disordered action of the heart
data access language
demand assigned multiple access
Daniel | Danish
 D & B
Dun and Bradstreet
 D and C
dilatation and curettage
 D and V
diarrhoea and vomiting
day after recall (test)
dual attachment (or attached) station
direct access storage device
digital audio tape
digitally assisted television
Deutsche Aktienindex
database administrator | Doctor of Business Administration
Dame Commander of the (Order of the) British Empire
database management system
direct broadcast (or broadcasting) by satellite | direct broadcasting satellite
da capo | Detective Constable | direct current | District Commissioner | District of Columbia
Department for Constitutional Affairs | document content architecture
Dame Commander of the Order of the Bath
digital compact cassette
data carrier detect | digital compact disc
data communications equipment | domestic credit expansion
discounted cash flow
Doctor of Civil Law
Development Capital Market | Distinguished Conduct Medal
Dame Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George
discrete cosine transform
Dame Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
dated | delivered
demand draft | direct debit | dishonourable discharge | Doctor of Divinity | double-density | due diligence
direct debit
direct digital control
direct data entry | dynamic data exchange
data description language
distributed data processing
Deutsche Demokratische Republik
double data rate synchronous dynamic random-access memory
Dewey Decimal System | Doctor of Dental Science | Doctor of Dental Surgery
Doctor of Dental Science
debenture | debit
deceased | declaration | declension | declination | decrease
Dutch elm disease
defence | defendant | deferred | definite | definition
Department of the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs
delegate | delegation | delete
Democrat | Democratic
District Enrolled Nurse
dental | dentistry
department | departs | departure | deponent | deposed | deposit | depot | deputy
derivation | derivative
data encryption standard | diethylstilboestrol
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
Defender of the Faith | direction finder
Distinguished Flying Cross
Department for Education and Employment
Department for Education and Employment
Department for International Development
Distinguished Flying Medal | don’t flame me
Department for Transport
Deo gratias | director-general
double glazing
Declared Geographical Origin
Department of Health | designated hitter
District Health Authority | docosahexaenoic acid
Department of Health and Social Security
domestic hot water
donor insemination
document interchange architecture
diagonal | diagram
dialect | dialectal
direct information access network for Europe
data input bus
disseminated intravascular coagulation
dictation | dictator | dictionary
did not
data interchange format
difference | different
disability income guarantee
do it myself | document image management
dimension | diminuendo | diminutive
diminuendo | diminutive
dual in-line memory module
Deutsche Industrie-Norm
dual (or double) income, no kids (yet)
distal interphalangeal (joint) | document image processing | dual in-line package
Diploma in Education
diplomat | diplomatic
discount | discovered
distance | district
distribution | distributor
diversion | divide | dividend | division | divorced
do it yourself | do-it-yourself
dinner jacket | disc jockey
Dow Jones Industrial Average
dark | deck | Denmark | dock
(I) don’t know
demand loan
discoid lupus erythematosus | disseminated lupus erythematosus
Doctor of Literature
Doctor of Letters (or Literature)
dynamic link library
decimetre | Dominica
Deutschmark | direct marketing
designated market area | direct memory access
duobinary multiplexed analogue component
Doctor of Dental Medicine
Dravida Munnetra Kazagham
data manipulation language
data management system | Diploma in Management Studies
decision-making unit
Doctor of Music
demilitarized zone
debit note
deoxyribonucleic acid | did not answer | did not attend
do not resuscitate
domain name server | domain name system
Dominican Republic
Doctor of Optometry | Doctor of Osteopathy
delivery order | direct order
dead on arrival | drug of abuse
date of birth
Denominação de Origem Controlada | Denominazione di Origine Controllata
Denominación de Origen Calificada
Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita
Department of Employment
Department of Energy | Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
does not
Deo Optimo Maximo | digestible organic matter | dry organic matter
domestic | dominant
do not
denial-of-service | disk operating system
Doppler velocity and position
data processing | dew point | displaced person
documents against payment | documents against presentation
demand protocol architecture
domestic purposes benefit
differential pulse coded modulation
Doctor of Philosophy
dots per inch
data processing manager
Director of Public Prosecutions
dividends per share
department | deponent
diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus (vaccine)
debit | debtor | drawer
dead reckoning | dining room | drachma | dry riser
drachma | dram
dynamic random access memory
dividend reinvestment plan
distribution resource planning
dietary reference values
dal segno
days after sight | document signed
Doctor of Science
Distinguished Service Cross
digital subscriber line
Distinguished Service Medal
days’ sales outstanding | Distinguished Service Order
digital signal processing
decessit sine prole
data set ready
Department of Social Security | Director of Social Services
daylight-saving time
data space transfer protocol
device status word
daylight time
diagnostic and treatment centre
data terminal equipment
Derivative Trading Facility
Department of Trade and Industry
Department of Transport, Local Government, and the Regions
dual tone multi frequency
desktop publishing
data terminal ready
delirium tremens
digital television
Deutscher Tafelwein
depleted uranium
(I) don’t know
Deo volente
digital video disc, digital versatile disc
digital video disc audio
digital video disc recordable
digital video disc random-access memory
digital video disc read-only memory
digital video disc rewritable
digital video imaging
digital video interactive
Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
digital video recorder
deep-vein thrombosis
dock warrant
disability working allowance
Department for Work and Pensions
dead weight tonnage

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