C - Abbreviations list
cancelled | canine | carat | carbon (paper) | carton | case | catcher | caught | cedi | cent | centavo | centi- | centime | centimetre | centre | century | chapter | charm | chrominance | church | circa | circuit | circumference | clockwise | cloudy | coefficient | cold | colon | colour | colt | concentration | constant | consul | contralto | copy | copyright | corps | cost | cubic | curie | the speed of light in a vacuum
capacitance | cape | carbon | castle | Catholic | Celsius | centi- | centigrade | century | Chancellor | charm | chief | city | college | Companion | Congress | Conservative | corps | coulomb | court | cytosine | heat capacity
Canada | circa
California | Central America | Central American | certificate authority | certified accountant | chartered accountant | chief accountant | chronological age | consular agent | Consumers’ Association
current account
capital account | credit account | current account
Civil Aviation Authority
certificate authority administration tool
Cabernet Sauvignon
Citizens Advice Bureau | Civil Aeronautics Board
coronary artery bypass graft
Central Arbitration Committee
cash against documents | computer-aided (or -assisted) design
computer-aided (or -assisted) design and manufacturing (or manufacture)
computer-aided (or -assisted) engineering
cost and freight
computer-assisted (or -aided) instruction
large calorie
calendar | calibre | computer-assisted (or -aided) learning
complementary and alternative medicine | computer-aided (or -assisted) manufacturing (or manufacture) | content-addressable memory
Campaign for Real Ale
cancellation | cancelled | cannon | canon | canto
Canadian | Canada
cancellation | cancelled
 C and F
cost and freight
 C and G
City and Guilds
 C & I
cost and insurance
 C and M
care and maintenance
Canada deuterium-uranium (reactor)
 C and W
country and western
can not
Canterbury | Canticle of Canticles
Common Agricultural Policy | computer-aided (or -assisted) production | computer-aided (or -assisted) publishing
capacity | capital | capital letter | capitalize | caput
continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
capital expenditure
capital asset pricing model
capital letters | capsule
Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere
Caribbean Community and Common Market
Caribbean Free Trade Association
calibrated airspeed
computer-aided (or -assisted) software engineering | computer-aided (or -assisted) systems engineering
clear-air turbulence | College of Advanced Technology | computer-aided (or -assisted) testing | computer-assisted (or -aided) trading | computer-assisted (or -aided) training | computerized axial tomography | control action threshold
cathedral | Catholic
community antenna television
constant angular velocity
call back | cash book | chateau-bottled | Citizens Band | Companion of the (Order of the) Bath | cumulonimbus
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
cash before delivery
cash before delivery | central business district
Commander of the (Order of the) British Empire
computer-based instruction | Confederation of British Industry
Chicago Board of Trade
constant bit rate
Columbia Broadcasting System
computer-based training
chemical and biological warfare
carbon copy | chapters | Cocos Islands | cubic capacity | cubic centimetre
City Council | close corporation | County Council | Cricket Club
cardholder certificate authority | current-cost accounting
Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies
charge-coupled device
Combined Cadet Force
Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique
closed-circuit television
coronary care unit
cadmium | command (paper)
carrier detect | certificate of deposit | Civil Defence | compact disc | Corps Diplomatique
carried down | cum dividend
compact disc erasable
cumulative distribution function
compact disc and graphics
congenital dislocation of the hip
compact disc interactive
Clean Development Mechanism
complementary DNA
compact disc recordable
compact disc read-only memory
compact disc real-time operating system
compact disc rewritable
contingent deferred sales charge
Craft, Design, and Technology
Commodore Dynamic Total Vision
compact disc video
compact disc write once
Church of England | chemical engineer | chief engineer | civil engineer | Common Era | consumption efficiency | creative editing | Communaute Européenne
Collège d’Enseignement Général et Professionnel
closed-end investment company
central | century
Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
chartered engineer
centigrade | central | century
chief executive officer
Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire
computer emergency response team
certificate | certification | certified
Central European Time | common external tariff
Central African Republic
Chaplain to the Forces | Compact Flash | cost and freight | cystic fibrosis
carried forward
Communauté financière africaine
College of Further Education | Conventional Forces in Europe
cost, freight, and insurance
chief financial officer
Common Fisheries Policy | Colonies françaises du Pacifique
cost and freight
cubic feet per second
chronic fatigue syndrome
complement fixation test
centigram | Congo
captain general | centre of gravity | coastguard | Consul General
colour graphics adapter
Central Government Net Cash Requirement
carriage | charge
common gateway interface | computer-generated image | computer-generated imagery
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Central Government Net Cash Requirement
Chief of General Staff
capital gains tax
clearing house | Companies House | Companion of Honour | custom house
chain | chapter | charge | check | church
channel | central heating | China
central heating
Commission for Healthcare Audit and Improvement
chancellor | chancery
chaplain | chapter
Clearing House Automated Payments System
Bachelor of Surgery
child health clinic | community health council
change codepage
coronary heart disease
change directory
chemical | chemist | chemistry
Clearing House Electronic Subregister System
change | charge
Commission for Health Improvement
Clearing House Interbank Payments System
check disk
Master of Surgery
combined heat and power
Christ | Christian | Chronicles
chronicle | chronological | chronology
chronological | chronology
Côte d’Ivoire
cirrus | curie
Cayman Islands | Channel Islands
Central Intelligence Agency
Chartered Institute of Bankers | Criminal Investigation Branch
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
cattle identification document | consider it done | Criminal Investigation Department | crying in disgrace
classless interdomain routing
common intermediate format | cost, insurance, and freight | customer identification file
cost, insurance, freight, commission, and interest
colleges and institutes for further education
Chartered Insurance Institute
computer input microfilm | computer-integrated manufacturing
cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
 C in C
Commander in Chief
chief information officer
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
current instruction register
circa | circle | circuit | circulation | circumference
context, input, reaction, outcome
Commonwealth of Independent States | contact image sensor
complex instruction set computer
computer-integrated telephony
cited | citizen
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (of Wild Fauna and Flora)
Comité Interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne
commercial Internet exchange
Chief Judge | Chief Justice
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Cook Islands
completely knocked down
Chief Knowledge Officer
carload | centilitre | Chile
class | classification | clergy | closet | cloth
classic | classical | classification | classified
calling line identification
career limiting move
connectionless network protocol
clear screen
constant linear velocity
Cameroon | centimetre
category management | central memory | compounding method
centre of mass | court martial
Canadian Medical Association | certified medical assistant
commercial mortgage-backed securities
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George
computer-managed instruction
common management information protocol
computer-managed learning | Council of Mortgage Lenders
Chief Medical Officer
come on
complementary metal oxide semiconductor
cyan, magenta, yellow, black
charge nurse | cover note | credit note
Council for National Academic Awards
compound net annual rate
computer numeric control | Conseil National de la Comptabilité
Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Cable News Network
central nervous system
carbon monoxide | Colorado | Colorado Officer | Commonwealth Office | conscientious objector
Colorado | Company | County
care of | carried over
coenzyme A
chronic obstructive airways disease
Council of Australian Governments
Commission des Opérations de Bourse
common business-oriented language
cash on delivery | chemical oxygen demand
 C of C
chamber of commerce
 C of E
Church of England
 C of S
chief of staff
cost of goods sold
Confederation of Health Service Employees
Central Office of Information
computer-oriented language | cost of living
college | colony | colour | column
Colonel | Colorado | Colossians | Columbia | Columbian
cost-of-living adjustment | cost-of-living allowance
collateral | colleague | collect | collection | collector | college | collegiate | colloquial
commercial organization
Component Object Model, Common Object Model | computer output microfilm
comedy | comic | commerce | commercial | committee | commune
Commander | Commodore | Communist

combination | combining | combustion

Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
(New York) Commodity Exchange
commerce | commercial | committee | commonwealth
companion | comparative | compare | compensation | compilation | compiled | complete | composer | composite | composition | compound | comprehensive | comprising
concerto | conclusion | connection | consolidated | continued | contra
Conformist | Conservative | Consul
concentrated | concentration | concerning | concerto | concession
confer | conference | confessor | confidential
confederate | confederation
Congregational | Congress | Congressional
conjugation | conjunction | conjunctive
connection-oriented network services
consecrated | consigned | consignment | consonant | constitution| constitutional
Conservative | Constable | Constitution | Consul
constant | constitution
containing | contents | continent | continental | continued | continuous | contraction | control
contraction | contralto | control
contribution | contributor
chief operating officer
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
corner | cornet | correction | correspondence | correspondent
common object request broker architecture
Congress of Racial Equality
Council for Registered Gas Installers
Corporal | Corporation
correct | corrected | correction | correspondence | correspondent
cash on shipment | chief of staff
Congress of South African Trades Unions
college of technology
UK commercial organization
could not
could have
Canadian Press | Cape Province | card punch | chat post | chemically pure | command post | commercial paper | Communist Party | Country Party
certified public accountant | cost per acquisition | critical path analysis | customer profitability analysis
continuous positive airways pressure
Central Provident Fund
characters per inch
consumer price index
measure of the pace of inflation in Canada
cost per thousand | critical path method
community psychiatric nurse
Chief Petty Officer | cost per order
current purchasing power
Canadian Pacific Railway | cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Council for the Protection of Rural England
characters per second | cycles per second
Crown Prosecution Service
Civil and Public Services Association
Community and Public Service Union
cost per thousand
central processing unit
charge of quarters
Costa Rica
chromium | Councillor
carriage return | Community of the Resurrection | conditioned reflex | conditioned response | Costa Rica | credit | critically endangered
credit | creditor | creek
Criminal Records Bureau
cyclic redundancy check
Commission for Racial Equality
Central Securities Depository for the UK and Ireland
critic | critical | criticism
carriage return/line feed
customer relationship management | customer relations management
certified registered nurse anaesthetist
cathode-ray oscilloscope | Community Relations Officer | Companies Registration Office | Criminal Records Office
Central Reserve Police
cathode-ray tube
crystalline | crystallography
capital stock | chartered surveyor | chief of staff | chip select | Christian Science | Christian Scientist | civil service | Court of Session
Child Support Agency
chemical stimulation of the brain
Civil Service Commission
Certificate of Secondary Education
Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions
cerebrospinal fluid
 CS gas
a gas that causes tears, salivation, and painful breathing, used in riot control and warfare
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
compressed serial line Internet protocol
combined symbol matching | Company Sergeant-Major
carrier sense multiple access-collision detection
Central Statistical Office
commerce service provider
Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network
cascading style sheet | Certificate in Social Service
Central Standard Time | convulsive shock treatment
Civil Service Union
Certificate of Sixth Year Studies
Central Time | computed (or computerized) tomography | Connecticut
City Technology College | Cyclists’ Touring Club
cumulative trauma disorder
computer-telephony integration
carton | cotangent
chief technical officer
clickthrough rate
control (key)
clear to send
capital transfer tax
Canadian Television Network Limited
control unit
see you later
 cum div.
cum dividend
Computer Users’ Tape System
Cape Verde
Cape Verde | Cross of Valour | curriculum vitae
cerebrovascular accident
Certificate of Vocational Education
Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
chorionic villus sampling | Council of Voluntary Service
chemical warfare | chemical weapons | continuous wave
cash with order | Chief Warrant Officer | Chief Web officer
communicating word processor
Cooperative Wholesale Society
Christmas Island
commerce XML (Extensible Markup Language)
see ya
see you later
cylinder | cylindrical

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