A - Abbreviations list
acceleration | area | arrives
ampere | angstrom
Alcoholics Anonymous | attendance allowance
American Automobile Association | antiaircraft artillery
Arab accounting dinar
according to age and experience
Associate of the Association of International Accountants
air-to-air missile
as a matter of fact
 A & E
accident and emergency
 A & M
Ancient and Modern
 A & R
artists and repertoire
Australian Accounting Research Foundation
Australian Accounting Standard
Australian Accounting Standards Board
Association of Accounting Technicians
African American Vernacular English
Amateur Boxing Association | American Bankers Association | American Bar Association
activity-based budgeting
American Broadcasting Company | Australian Broadcasting Corporation | the alphabet
Audit Bureau of Circulations
abnormal end
Association of British Insurers
activity-based management | antiballistic missile
Australian Business Number
available bit rate
acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene | antilock braking system | Australian Bureau of Statistics
Association of British Travel Agents
alcohol by volume
academic organization
adega cooperativa | air conditioning | Aircraftman | alternating current | altocumulus | ante Christum | appellation contrôlée | Athletic Club
account | account current
account | account current | air conditioning
Australian Communications Authority
Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service
Association of Chartered Accountants in the United States
account | accusative
Associate of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants | Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
authorized corporate director
an offensive term meaning bisexual
asynchronous communications device interface
Advisory Centre for Education | Allied Command Europe
advanced communications function
automated clearing house
access control list
American Civil Liberties Union
Air Chief Marshal | Association for Computing Machinery | Australian Chamber of Manufactures
audio cassette recorder
accelerated cost recovery system
advance corporation tax | Australian Capital Territory
adrenocorticotrophic hormone
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Aids Coalition To Unleash Power
Asian currency unit
Advanced Certificate of Vocational Education
advantage | Andorra
Alzheimer’s disease | anno Domini
analogue to digital
a high-level computer-programming language that is used mainly for military, industrial, and scientific applications
African Development Bank | Asian Development Bank
analogue-to-digital converter
attention deficit disorder
addendum | addition | address
Automated Direct Debit Amendments and Cancellation Service
Approved Deposit Fund
antidiuretic hormone
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
acceptable daily intake
adjective | adjoint | adjunct | adjustment | adjutant
activities of daily living
Admiral |Admiralty
adenosine diphosphate | automatic data processing
adaptive differential pulse code modulation
American Depositary Receipt
asymmetrical digital subscriber line
Atlantic Daylight Time
adverb | adverbial | advertisement | advisory
 ad val.
ad valorem
aggregate expenditure | assimilation efficiency
Atomic Energy Authority
Atomic Energy Commission
Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union
annual equivalent rate
aviation industry
Australian Eastern Standard Time
Australian Education Union
Amsterdam Stock Exchange
air force | Anglo-French | audio frequency | autofocus
Africa | African
Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand
as far as I know
Association of Futures Brokers and Dealers
automatic flight control | automatic frequency control
American Federation of Information Processing Societies
Australian Football League
a federation formed in 1955 by the merging of the American Federation of Labour and the Congress of Industrial Organizations.
amplified fragment length polymorphism
atomic force microscope
Association française de normalisation
alpha-foetoprotein | Australian Federal Police
Africa | African
ASEAN Free Trade Area
armoured fighting vehicle
Antigua and Barbuda
adjutant general |Aktiengesellschaft | attorney general
automatic gain control
adjusted gross income | annual gross income
annual general meeting
active galactic nucleus
accelerated graphics port
advanced gas-cooled reactor
ampere-hour | anno Hegirae
alpha-hydroxy acid
antihaemophilic factor
Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut
Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time
active ingredient | artificial insemination | artificial intelligence | attitude indicator
Association of International Accountants
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
acute infectious disease | Agency for International Development | artificial insemination by donor
acquired immune deficiency syndrome
Association of Financial Advisers
artificial insemination by husband
aesthetic injury level
alternative investment market
Alternative Investment Management Association
a contraction of ‘am not’, ‘is not’, ‘are not’, ‘have not’, or ‘has not’
All India Radio
Australian Industrial Relations Commission
Association of Investment Trust Companies
Australian Journalists’ Association
Australian Jockey Club
also known as
alcohol | alcoholic
all letters answered
Albania | Albanian
air-launched ballistic missile
alcohol | alcoholic
air-launched cruise missile
 A level
Advanced level
Animal Liberation Front
Algeria | Algerian
algorithmoriented language
arm’s length management organization
Australian Labor Party
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
alternate (or alternative) key
alanine aminotransferase
alteration | alternate | altitude | alto
arithmetic logic unit
amplitude modulation | Armenia
Albert Medal | amplitude modulation | anno mundi | ante meridiem | asset management | associate member
American | Amos
ante meridiem
Association of MBAs
American Stock Exchange
American Express
a trade union formed by the merger of the AEEU and MSF in January 2002
adenosine monophosphate
auction market preferred stock
advanced manufacturing technology
atomic mass unit
atomic mass unit
American Veterans
Netherlands Antilles
analogous | analogy | analysis | analytic
anatomical | anatomy
African National Congress | acid-neutralizing capacity
acute nonlymphocytic leukaemia
artificial neural network
annals | annual |annuity
American National Standards Institute
a standard version of the C programming language
antiquarian | antiquity | antonym
anthropological | anthropology
antiquarian | antiquity
Australian National University
Australia and New Zealand Army Corps
Australia and New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement
Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
All-Ordinaries Index | Officer in the Order of Australia
account of
Area of Archaeological Importance
any other business
appellation d’origine contrôlée
America Online
active organic matter
all or none
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
adult-oriented rock
Air Police | American plan | antipersonnel | Associated Press
additional premium | author’s proof | ante prandium
all points addressable
Association for Payment Clearing Services
Accounting Principles Board | all-points bulletin | Auditing Practices Board
average propensity to consume
adult polycyclic disease
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
advance-purchase excursion
antepartum haemorrhage
American Petroleum Institute | application programming interface
advanced power management | average propensity to import
Amtliche Prüfungsnummer
Apocalypse | Apocrypha
amyloid precursor protein | average physical product
apparatus | appendix | applied | appointed | apprentice | approved | approximate
advanced program to program communications
approximate | approximately
annual percentage rate | annual purchase rate
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
average propensity to save
advanced passenger train
adjusted present value
annual percentage yield
achievement quotient
aqua | aqueous
air quality standards
accounts receivable | Arkansas | attributable risk
arrival | arrive
Arabia | Arabian | Arabic
Associate of the Royal Academy
Arabia | Arabian | Arabic
Aids-related complex | Aids-related condition
archaic | archaism | archery | archipelago | architect | architecture
archdeacon | archduke
acute respiratory disease
adult respiratory distress syndrome
Association of Recognized English Language Schools
am not | are not
Australian Rugby League
advanced run-length limited
adjustable-rate mortgage
acreage reduction programme | address resolution protocol | air-raid precautions
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
adjustable-rate preferred stock
automatic repeat request
arranged | arrival | arrived | arrivesART
assisted reproductive technology
article | artificial | artillery | artist
American Samoa
after sight | Anglo-Saxon | antisubmarine
Asia | Asian
Advertising Standards Authority
as soon as possible
as soon as possible
Accounting Standards Board
antisocial behaviour order
Accounting Standards Committee
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
autistic spectrum disorders
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Active Streaming Format
Action on Smoking and Health
airspeed indicator
application-specific integrated circuits | Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Australian Security Intelligence Organization
Australian Secret Intelligence Service
American Sign Language
Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen
air-to-surface missile
active server page | application service provider
automatic send/receive
Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
assisted | assorted
Atlantic Standard Time | automated screen trading
astrologer | astrological | astrology
astronomer | astronomical | astronomy
Australian Services Union
Australian Stock Exchange
Advanced Technologies | antitank | Atlantic Time | attainment target
atmosphere | atomic
AT attachment packet interface
all-terrain bike | all-terrain boarding
Air Training Corps | air-traffic control
Adobe Type Manager | asynchronous transfer mode | automated teller machine
atmosphere | atmospheric
 at. no.
atomic number
Australian Taxation Office
 A to D
analogue to digital
Air Travel Organizers’ Licence
adenosine triphosphate | Association of Tennis Professionals
adenosine triphosphatase
antitetanus serum | Applications Technology Satellite | automatic transfer service
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
attached | attention | attorney
 Att. Gen.
Attorney General
 Atty. Gen.
Attorney General
all-terrain vehicle
 at. wt
atomic weight
angstrom unit | astronomical unit
angstrom unit | astronomical unit
ab urbe condita | Australian Universities Commission
Australian dollar
audit | auditor
acceptable use policy
Australian Union of Students
Australia | Australian | Austria | Austrian
Australia | Australian | Austria | Austrian
Australian Telecommunications Authority
Australasia | Australia | Australian
Association of University Teachers | authorized unit trust
authentic | author | authority | authorized
Association of Unit Trusts and Investment Funds
automatic | automotive
Apple’s UNIX
audiovisual | Authorized Version
average | avoirdupois
ad valorem | American Viticultural Area
additional voluntary contribution | average variable cost
Air Vice-Marshal | arteriovenous malformation
alert, verbal, pain, unresponsive
actual weight
airborne warning and control system
Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation
average weekly earnings
azimuth | azure

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